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My Coworker Who’s Senior to Me Has Scrumptious Big Tits That Look So Soft! Though I Wanted to Have Sex With Her in the Worst Way, She Showed No Interest in Me So I Served Her Tea Laced With a Powerful Aphrodisiac That I’d Ordered Through the Mail… And She Became So Hyper-Sensitive That Just By Poking Her With My Finger Pleasured Her to the Point Her Hips Looked Like They Were Gonna Break! With Her Tits Rockin’ Away and She Feeling So Much Rapture, I Did Her to My Heart’s Content! (HD)
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Hot Big-Tittied Wife in the Apartment Building – While My Neighbor Was Out, His Braless Wife Tempted Me With Her Tits That Showed Right Through and I Got So Turned On That I Sprouted a Rock-Hard Stiffy Which She Messed Around With to Heart’s Content! (HD)
3.47 GB
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I Was Visiting My Coworker in the Hospital When the Nurse Came By, A Braless Babe Who Clearly Had Big Tits! And She Wore Such a Short Skirt That Her Butt Cheeks Were Visible! My Heart Was Pounding Furiously When She Came to Me and Asked “Is There Something Wrong? Are You Okay?” Before Taking Me to a Private Room…
1.00 GB
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I Opened My Curtain and Saw a Student Taking Shelter From a Sudden Downpour. And I Especially Took Notice of Her Brassiere That Showed Through Her Soaking Blouse Unable to Resist, I Opened My Window to Cop a Feel and To My Surprise, She Wasn’t Upset and Was Actually Fine With It! I Let Her In My Place and Since She Seemed Like She Was Totally in the Mood, I Did Her and Did Her Good!
1.08 GB
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I Finally Got a Job At a Company and My Coworkers All Turned Out Be Hotties! And With Them Spending a Lot of Time to Train Me One-On-One, I’m Constantly Turned On!! Here I Am, My Mind Drifting Away From Work Because I’m Always So Aroused, But is That a Vibrator I See On My Coworker’s Desk!? Realizing I Noticed, She Was Anything But Embarrassed and Perhaps a Fire Actually Became Lit In That Pervy Heart of Hers… !?
1.68 GB
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It Was My First Oil Esthetic Treatment and the Esthetician Who Served Me Wore An Extra-Short Mini-Skirt & Her Cleavage Flashed! At First, I Was Turned On By Her Sexy Appearance, But I Eventually Simmered Down… However, Once She Realized How Well Hung I Was, She Became Infatuated With My Cock and Asked Me to Fuck!! 3
2.75 GB
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A Young Lady in a Really Short Mini-Skirt Was Peeing Out in the Open! Though Bewildered Upon Having Come Across Her, I Was Also Feeling Turned On. When She Noticed Me, She Felt Such Shame That She Herself Became Aroused and Proceeded to Engage Me in Scandalous Play!! 2
1.06 GB
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While On the Way Home From Shopping, A Sudden Downpour Caused a Hot Braless Married Woman to Run Into the Men’s Restroom, Her Blouse Clinging to Her Skin! With the Rain Still Falling Heavily, Neither of Us Could Go Outside Which Made For An Awkward Time… I Popped a Boner As I Was Turned On and After She Noticed, She Offered to Dry Me Down, But Now She’s Touching My Cock… !?
1.25 GB
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I Got Fuckin’ Plastered While On a Company Retreat and Though It Made Me Look Reeally Bad, I Let a Female Coworker Take Care of Me But She Was Also Hammered and So Her Light Kimono Kept Flapping Open to Reveal Her Tits and Panties!! Though I Felt Like Shit, I Was So Turned On I Popped a Boner! She Caught Me and Got So Upclose and Personal With My Cock That We Got Down Wit 69 and Unable to Retain Any Self-Control, I Fucked Her!! (HD)
3.15 GB
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