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In An Attempt to Rid Herself of Her Stalker-Like Ex-Boyfriend, The Cute College Girl Next Door Begged Me, A Virgin, To Pretend to Be Her New Guy!? My Acting Was Incompetent As I’d Never Dated a Girl Before and So Her Ex Wasn’t the Least Bit Convinced! Panicking, My Neighbor Tried to Act Lovey-Dovey and Kissed Me, But Even Then Her Ex Was Suspicious! She Was Going to Have to Make It Seem More Real to Get Him to Believe! Growing More Desperate, She Began Kissing Me Really Passsionately! Her Sexual Switch Becoming Turned On, She Grabbed a Hold of My Rock-Hard Cock, Ignoring the Presence of Her Ex Who Had Finally Given Up Hope and Then… (HD)
7.78 GB
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My Big-Boobed Boss is Always Getting Mad At Me Due to My Incompetence But We Had Crossed the Line Between An Employee and A Superior and Launched Ourselves Into a Forbidden Relationship! You Could Never Imagine From How She Normally Acts That She Goes After My Cock So Nastily When We’re the Only Ones in the Office! (HD)
6.61 GB
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One Day, My Older Sister Got Careless About Covering Up and I Ended Up Seeing Her Nipples! Man, Did She Have a Nice Sweet Set of Headlights!! They Were Big’n Beautiful, Exactly the Kind I Love!! Nevertheless, I Couldn’t Ever Look At Her As An Ordinary Woman! Or So I Thought, As I Couldn’t Get My Eyes Off Her Large’n Lovely Breasts! What’s More Amazing is That I Got a Hard-On!! “No Way! What The!? How Could This Happen??”, I Was Thinking to Myself When She Became Aware of My Condition… (HD)
5.22 GB
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My Father Got Remarried and I Now I Have Myself a Younger Sister. But This Girl’s Quite the Slut and Has a New Guy Every Day! And She’s Always Fucking Her Brains Out! One Day When She Found Out I Was a Virgin, She Half-Jokingly Asked, “How About I Let You Do Me?” Before Managing to Get My Pants Off Despite My Resistance and Became Speechless When She Saw How Big My Dick Was!! “Hurry Up and Hide It! Nah, I Wanna See It! No, Just Kidding! Put It Away! No, No! Show Me!”, She Said in a Bizarre Q&A Session With Her Own Self!? (The Truth Was That Big Ones Made Her Feel So Good That She’d Simply Fall in Love and So She Swore Off Getting With Well-Hung Dudes… !) In the End, She Made Me Promise Not to Penetrate Her, But When She Began Performing Outercourse From Up Top With Our Genitalia Were Rubbing Against Each Other… (HD)
4.61 GB
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A Project Amongst 3 Associated Studios – I Was Onboard a Fully-Packed Train When in My Line of Sight Appeared A Student Being Groped!? She Was Bewildered By What Was Happening to Her and Then Her Eyes Met Mine. But I Was Feeling So Turned On That Instead of Trying to Help Her, I Began Messing Around With a Guy in Front of Me and Then Had Sex With Him… !! (HD)
4.17 GB
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Top-of-the-Line Girl (A Proper-Looking Babe Who’s the Cutest in Her Class) is Into Older Guys Like Her Father Whom She Loves So Much and Proved Herself to Be a Hardcore Masochistic Perv, Turning Sopping Wet While Getting It On With a Middle-Aged Dude!
Ai Hoshina

1.42 GB
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Usually, My Stepsister is Such a Bitch, But the Mood Between Us Got Weird When We Just Happened to Be Right Next to Each Other!! Man, I Just Got a Brand New Older Sister With a Cute Face, But a Personality That is Quite Difficult!? She Just Acts So Tough and Nags So Much, It’s Quite Obvious She Doesn’t Like Timid Frail Me!! One Night When My Parents Were Gone, A Sudden Storm Caused the Power to Go Out!! While Staying My Room With a Flashlight On, She Came In ‘Cuz She Was Freaked Out! What Was Even More Strange Was How Affectionate She Was, Not Anything Like How She Usually Was!! Wow, What a Sweetheart!! Then She Asked “Can I Stay With You Till the Lights Come Back On?”!! Naturally, I Said “OK”!! My Scared Sister Ended Up Right Against Me! (HD)
5.72 GB
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I Got Married to a Guy Who’s 30 Years Older Than Me. As My Husband Provides Both Money and Stability, I’ve No Qualms With Him, Whatsoever… Well… We No Longer Have Sex and So I’m Always Feeling Frustrated. We Went On Our First Trip to a Hot Spring Resort. There Was a Young Guy Also Staying There Who I Made Eye Contact With and He Just Kept On Looking At Me… We Eyed Each Other On and On, Both of Us Aroused With No End in Sight… Not Caring a Bit That Her Husband Was Somewhere Nearby, She Wasted No Time Having Sex With the Guy and Not Only That, She Begged Him to Cum Right Inside of Her… (HD)
5.47 GB
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We Sullied This Beautiful Half-Korean, A Cute Elegant Submissive Doll, Subjecting Her to Really Raunchy Shameful Play While She Was Still Wearing Her Uniform and Splattering Her With Heaps of Facials, Too! (HD)
Ena Suzushiro

3.94 GB
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