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Upon Becoming a Single Father, I Was Fighting Tooth and Nail to Raise My Kid! Then a Housewife in the Neighborhood, Perhaps Unable to Stand Seeing Me Look So Helpless, Became a Real Friend to Me By Helping Around the House! While Availing Myself of Her Kindness, I Became Fond of Her Soft Titties and Before I Knew It, Her Kindness Was Replaced By Horniness, Our Relationship Changing So That Not Only Was She Helping Me Take Care of My Child, She Was Taking Care of Me, Too, By Giving Me Sex and Lots of It!! 3
9.17 GB
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I Got So Turned On By Seeing the Startlingly Cute Gym Instructor Stick Her Awesome Ass Out So Helplessly! I Wondered With the Way She Let Her Big Tender-Looking Booty Protrude If She Was Trying to Seduce Me? Plus, There’s No One Else in the Gym As It’s Available For Use By Reservation Only! While Training Me, She Kept Moving That Beautiful Butt of Hers Around So Temptingly That My Self-Control Had Come to An End!! Here’s the Whole Scoop On Sexy Gym Instructors Who Just Might Be in Your Area!!
6.81 GB
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We Finally Found It!! A Forgotten Red-Light Zone in An Area With a Dwindling Population That Quietly Goes About Its Business, Supposedly Offering Mindblowing Service in the Form of Unlimited Sessions, A Creampie Option, Using the Standard Tricks of the Trade to Make You Cum Over and Over Till You’ve No More Semen Left to Offer!! Here’s the Whole Scoop!!
5.23 GB
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11 Airheaded Ladies For Whom the Hurdles to Having Sex With Are Especially Low and Condomless, At That
3.53 GB + 4.03 GB
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Rumor Has It There’s a Sexual Hostess Club That Has a Festival Theme, A Place Where You Can Stick Your Cock In Raw Amidst Shouts of “Go! Go! You Can Do It!!”. Could It Be True!? We Went There to Find Out the Truth!!
6.29 GB
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Ladies Who’ve Reached the Point They Can Only Cum By Way of Vibrators Interview to Do An AV and Then Are Amazingly Made to Cum Like No Tomorrow Thanks to the Techniques of Professional Actors! Having Succumbed to Pleasure, Not Only Did They Now Have to Have Condomless Sex, They Begged For Raw Creampies, Too!
6.05 GB
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Unable to Sleep, She Resolved to Go to Her Older Brother’s Futon For Some Hanky-Panky Wanting to See If She Could Turn Him On, She Got Right Next to Him Inside the Covers As He Slept to Jack Him Off and It Wasn’t Long Before His Cock Responded Positively, Turning Rock-Hard… Though He Knew It Was Wrong, He Couldn’t Contain Himself and Lapsed Into Sexual Relations…
5.27 GB
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One Day The Chime Of My House Rumbled, “Lend Me Your Toilet!” And A Woman Who Kept Her Crotch Wearing It! ! Since It Is Suspicious, Keep Refusing, Leak A Large Amount On The Spot!! I Got Excited About Dripping Pee And Got Hurt
5.92 GB
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I Couldn’t Believe My Wife’s Older Sister Was Having Relations With Me, Her Saying “Are You Still Turned On By Me Though It Takes Me So Long to Cum?”! Taking Advantage of How She Looked At Him With Compassion When Catching Him With a Hard-On From Seeing Her Clad in Underwear, He Pressured Her So That He Could Do Her From Behind While Her Anus Was On Full Display, Just As He’d Always Wanted to Do! The Fit Was So Good’n Sweet That He Unloaded a Ton Upon the Walls of Her Vagina! (HD)
5.75 GB
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