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I Ordered Up a Massage While Staying At a Traditional Inn and An Old Classmate of Mine Who Later Got Married Showed Up. I Liked Her So Much Back Then and Now As I Beheld Her Full-Grown Ample Cleavage, My Wiener Became Nice’n Plump. The Look in Her Eyes Changed After She Noticed My Condition and After Grabbing a Hold of My Dick, She Got Right On Top of Me! (HD)
4.27 GB
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Every Morning, There’s This Really Cute Student Whose Bare Thighs and Panties I Catch Glimpses Of and When She Discovered My Hard-On, She Said “Dude, You’re Such a Perv”, Looking So Pissed With Swollen Cheeks. But Then Suddenly, She Gazed At Me With Misty Eyes, Proving to Be Just a Bitch Who Pretends to Be Offended, But is Easy to Access (HD)
Aya Sazanami

6.29 GB
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My Friend’s Older Sister’s in a Mini-Skirt and I Can See Her Panties Right in Front of Me! With Her Crack Getting Coming Closer to Me, I Ended Up Pressing My Cock That’s Come of Age So Hard Against It That I Ripped Her Panties! (HD)
4.95 GB
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A Bad Married Woman Showed a Porno Mag to a Nerd in the Bookstore 4 – Pressing Up Against Him With Her Ample Rack in the Narrow Confines of the Store, His Uninitiated Cock Turned Rock-Hard and She Proceeded to Thoroughly Educate It In the Ways of a Grown Woman’s Body While Making Sure Neither Employees Nor Other Customers Noticed (HD)
4.20 GB
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I Went to a Hot Spring Resort With My Mother and Her Friends. “He’s Just a Boy So I’m Sure It’s Fine If He Joins Us!” While Bathing With Them, I Found Myself Surrounded By Full-Grown Hooters and Popped a Boner! “Hey, We Won’t Tell Your Mom”, Said the Wives Made Horny By a Young Man’s Cock and Ganged Up to Mess Around With Me 3 (HD)
5.27 GB
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I Took a Bath With My Innocent-Minded Cousins Who I Hadn’t Seen For the Longest Time and When They Saw the Boner I Had Popped, I Was Expecting the Worst! But Instead, They Were Filled With Curiosity and Began Touching It! Naturally, When All But One Remained, I Stuck It to Her Still-Blooming Cunt (HD)
4.75 GB
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I Woke Up to Find Myself in the Crowded Ladies’ Locker Room! When the Female Employees Took Off Their Black Pantyhose, I Saw Them in Their Bare Panties As Clear As Day! Turned On, I Popped a Boner Which a Lady Saw and I Thought I Was Going to Get Fired, But Instead She Tried to Help Me Get Off. She Then Slid Her Panties Enough So I Could Enter Her (HD)
3.49 GB
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“Please! Let’s Do It Right Here!” A Sexually Frustrated Woman Sought the Dick of a Young Dude in Her Neighborhood While Making Sure Her Husband Didn’t Notice and Things Were So Hot They Engaged in Heartpounding Sex Right By the Entrance and Near the Front of the House (HD)
3.86 GB
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The Mothers in My Neighborhood Try to Tempt Me With Their Mini-Skirts and Shots of Their Panties and I’m in the Midst of Puberty! When One of ‘Em Presses Her Scrupmtious Ass Against Me When My Mother’s Not Around, My Rock-Hard Cock Feels Like It’ll Poke Right Through Her Panties (HD)
4.39 GB
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