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I Woke Up in the Morning to Find My Sister Practicing to Apply a Condom With Her Mouth Using My Morning Wood! There’s No Way I Can Maintain Self-Control While Being Put Through That! Having Just Gotten Up, I Felt Like I Was Going to Unload in My Brain! My Body That Had Just Arisen Couldn’t Contain Itself and So I Banged Incestuous Pussy Hard to Start My Day!! 3 (HD)
6.61 GB
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Super Shirouto Mistress Vol.003, 23-Year-Old New Voice Actress Yuri Who Serves a Members-Only High-Class Date Club (HD)
3.47 GB
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I Had Made a Reservation For Myself At a Hot Spring Resort and Was Suddenly Joined By a Bunch of Young Married Women!? That Alone Shocked Me, But What I Saw Afterwards Totally Blew My Mind! They Relaxed Away, Letting Their Peachy Asses Float Atop the Hot Water While Enjoying Themselves to the Fullest! Whether I Looked to the Left or Looked to the Right, Big Beautiful Butts Bobbed Away, Lapping Against the Water! I Wanted to Leave, But I Couldn’t As I Had a Hard-On While Checking Out the Wonderful Sights and Even After They Caught Me Looking, They Came Over and Actually Joined Me!! Naturally, My Boner Wasn’t Goign Away and Then These Wives’ Sexual Frustrations Detonated!! Using Their Fuckin’ Hot Asses to Tempt Me, They Pushed Me For Cock On and On!!
2.39 GB
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My Older Sister Has Massive Tits and Really, She’s Quite Hot!! I Was Bathing Together With Her in Our Narrow Tub!! How Did That Happen You Ask… ? She’d Been Living in the City Alone and Had Come Back Home For the First Time in Ages! She is So Kind and Smart, Qualities Which Make Me Her Brother in Name Only, And She’s Got Big Tits and A Really Cute Style to Boot… As For Myself, I Simply Suck. One Thing, Though, is She Likes to Stick Her Nose in My Business and is Always Treating Me Like a Kid!! She Even Said “I’ll Scrub Your Back For You” and Tried to Join Me in the Tub!! Naturally, I Tried to Refuse, But She Said “We Always Used to Take a Bath Together” and With That, She Made Her Way In!! So Much Has Changed Between Now and the Past… I Was, Of Course, Very Much Aware of Her Chest, So Much So That I Couldn’t Help Myself. As the Tub is So Small, Her Big Breasts Kept Making Contact With Me and That Nice Rack of Hers Was Staring Me Right in the Face and So I Popped a Boner… Thinking I Was in Trouble, I Was About to Get Out When She Noticed My Condition… (HD)
3.06 GB + 4.01 GB
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The Only Source of Respite For Girls in Training Camp For Their Track-and-Field Team is My Cock!! I Don’t Have a Job and So Each Summer, A Relative Has Me Help Out At the Boarding Home He Operates. I Was Feeling Down ‘Cuz I Thought I’d Be Providing Assistance to Stinky Guys Once Again, But Instead There Was a Girls’ Track-and-Field Team Staying! I Was So Turned On By Sights I’d Never Seen Before… And It Wasn’t Just Me Who Was Horny! Could It Be That All That Hard Training and Having to Live Together Had Made All the Ladies Sexually Frustrated!? They Try So Hard to Tempt Even a Guy Like Me Who’s Nothing Special, Their Sexual Desires Turning Overly Aggressive Just Like Those of Any Athletes After Their Practices So That They Pressure Me For Sex Over and Over!! (HD)
5.26 GB
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Even During Teatime, This Slutty Young Wife Tries to Seduce Me, Asking “Ya Wanna Fuck?”! Every Time I Run Into the Married Woman Next Door, She’s Wearing a Top That Shows a Lot of Cleavage and An Ultra-Short Skirt! Plus, Sometimes She Doesn’t Even Wear a Bra! However, She Greets Me Nonchalantly and Talks to Me So Normally, And She’s Not Like Some Slut Who Wears a Lot of Make-Up and Perfume. Then Again, I Can Clearly See Her Panties and Nipples! And Let’s Not Forget, She’s Fuckin’ Hot! Hey, If I Had the Half the Chance, I’d Fuck Her! I’m Too Fuckin’ Scared to Approach Her and So All I Can Do Is to Get a Hard-On While Checking Her Out From Afar. I Offered An Apology to Try and Appease Her, But Instead She Came to Me, Raised Her Skirt Up Instead and Asked “Ya Wanna Fuck a Little?”! (HD)
5.57 GB
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“What the Fuck Are You So Happy About?!” I Was So Happy ‘Cuz I Finally Had My First Girlfriend, But the Other Girls in Class Were Burning With Jealousy and Went Out of Their Way to Make Me Hard! I Began Attending a School That Until Last Year Was Only For Girls. Instead of Happily Getting My Game On With the Ladies, They Bullied Me As There Were So Few Guys Around, But There Was One Plain Girl Who Confessed Her Feelings For Me and So I Had Myself My First-Ever Girlfriend! My Days Were Spent Lost in Happiness Till the Bullies Decided They Had Had Enough and In An Attempt to Break Us Up, They Made Me Get Hard By Showing Me Their Panties, Giving Me Passionate Kisses, Having Me Rub Their Tits and Saying “You Know You Like Me Better” As They Spared No Expense in Trying to Seduce Me, Their Jealousy On Full Display… Naturally, I Was Unable to Ignore Them, Popping Boners Left and Right and So I Ended Up Cheating to My Heart’s Content Even Though My First Love Was Present! (HD)
3.29 GB + 3.82 GB
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What Luck!! I Opened My Curtain and Discovered There Was a Room Occupied By Nurses Across From Me! I’m a Virgin Who Moved In Order to Go to College and The Place Across From Mine Was Filled With Nurses With Raging Libidos and Yet Whose Sexual Desires Have Not Been Fed in Ages, And So I Was Able to See All Manner of Delights Through the Window!! I Got My Fill of Seeing Them Partying, Changing, Masturbating and Engaging in Lesbian Acts!! Moreover, They Made No Secret of the Fact They Knew I Was Watching, Instead Making Sure I Would Check Them Out By Teasingly Tempting Me, Changing in Front of Me and Pleasuring Themselves!! These Acts Alone Were Enough to Make Me Hard!! I Thought They Were Going to Continue On Like This, Driving Me Wild Each Day Simply For Fun, But Apparently This Did Nothing to Satisfy Them and So Losing Their Control, They Called Me Over to Their Place! (HD)
2.63 GB + 4.44 GB
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120% Real Earnest Flirting Legend Vol.51 (HD)
4.33 GB
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