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Man, My Tutor’s Got a Big Chest and She’s Cute, Too! And I Don’t Know If She Does It On Purpose or Not, But When I Have a Test Coming Up, Her Cleavage Will Be Showing and For a Guy Like Me Who’s in the Midst of Puberty, It’s Just Torture!! It’s No Surprise That Instead of Focusing On Studying, I’m Busy Popping Boners Left and Right!! While Sporting a Hard-On One Time, I Couldn’t Hide It and When She Caught Me, I Was Feeling Awful, But I Decided to Tell Her I Was Still Just a Virgin and She Actually Took Pity On Me, Offering to Teach Me All Kinds of Naughty Things!! But She Told Me We Weren’t Going to Go All the Way, That We Would Only Go So Far As Intercrural Sex! While Our Parts Rubbed Away, I Experienced a Pleasure That Was Far Greater Than I Could’ve Imagined and Even She Was Exploding With Wetness Down in Her Crotch! I Went With the Flow and Began Thrusting My Hips Till She Said, “No, Dont! If You Move Like That, You’ll Get Inside of Me! Please Stop!”, But I Was Feeling So Good I Couldn’t Stop and Ended Up Entering Her! I Did It, I Had Penetrated Her Without a Condom! The Sensations Were So Great I Came Right Inside of Her 3 Times Without Withdrawing While She Had Transformed Into a Lewd Woman, One So Receptive She Was Arching Backwards!! And She Kept Begging For More Till My Stiffy Could Stand No More!
5.73 GB + 4.21 GB




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