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Is Lack of Sex the Reason Why Couples Fight? As I Believed This to Be True and Out of Concern For My Parents, I Put An Aphrodisiac Into My Mother’s Meal… Quarrels Between My Father and Mother Never Cease At Home and When My Entire Family is Present, the Atmosphere is Always Very Awkward… I Wonder If They’re Like This Because They’re Sexless…? Having Thought About This, I Put the Aphrodisiac I Had Secretly Bought Into My Mother’s Dish! My Mother Would Get Horny, My Father Would Follow Her Lead and Then They Would Be Like They Were in the Old Days! I Was Thinking This to Be a Supreme Display of Respect For My Parents…! But the Timing Was Bad For My Father As He Had Something to Take Care Of and Wasn’t Around, Leaving Me Alone With My Mother Whose Mood For Sex Was At Its Highest… Things Weren’t Supposed to Turn Out Like This… I Ended Up Getting Pounced Upon By My Out-of-Control Mother Until She Was Satisfied… How Low, I Became the Worst As Far As Showing Respect to Family Goes…
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Not Wanting to Be a Virgin Forever, I Began to Kiss the Ass of the Top Dog in Class! He’s Loaded With Dough and As His Parents Have a Big Reputation in Town, He’s Like a King in School Whom No One Dares to Defy – Everyone Really Hates Me Having Become a Follower of This Classmate, But I Do Get a Benefit Out of Doing This! And That is He Releases to Me the Girls He’s Finished With – Of Course, They Find a Loser Like Me Disgusting, But They Can’t Refuse the Orders of That Rich Priviliged Kid! Even As They Look At Me With Scorn, I Ultimately Bask in the Glory of Lording Over Them As They Frantically Rock Their Hips
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I’ve Become a Homeroom Teacher At a Girls’ School and Intently Checking Their Behaviour Each Day, I Ultimately Came Up With a Comprehensive Notebook Regarding Students’ Periods! Right Before Their Periods, Students Turning Horny Who’d Never Tolerate Sexual Harassment Are Okay With It During These Times Only! It’s Not Just Safe For Me, They Reacted So Sensitively As to Stain Their Panties!
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An Unexpected Explosion of Incontinence While in Class! I’m the Class Loser and Forever a Bitch For the Girls – My Classmates and Teacher Pretend Not to Notice Me – I Finally Got Fed Up With Such Abuse and After Slipping An Aphrodisiac Into the Juice I’m Always Sent Off to Buy For Them, They Begain Squirming Right There in Class and Fiddling Between Their Legs, Before Ultimately Coming Hard and Peeing! After Finding Myself Alone With One and Tending to Her, I Who Had Been Severely Bullied Saw Her Transform Into a Lewd Girl Who Wanted to Suck My Cock Badly
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I Live With Just My Father and Since He’s So Busy With Work, He’s Hired a Housekeeper – Whereas He Works So Hard, I Talk to Nobody and Just Stay At Home As I Don’t Have a Job – One Day Without Paying Any Mind to the Young Housekeeper Who Happened to Be Around, I Was Watching An AV With the Sound Jacked Up As Usual When She Began Breathing Heaving and Writhing As She Fiddled With Her Crotch, And Then She Tried Tempting Me By Showing Me Her Panty Stains!
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At a Bike Parking Lot, We Secretly Smeared the Saddle of a Pure Student’s Bike With An Aphrodisiac and While Pedaling, Her Face Was Contorted and Her Panties Became Stained, She Began Rubbing Her Crotch Against the Saddle Without a Care and Turned Horny!
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After Pretending to Have a Cold, I Was Able to Lose My Virginity! Having Lost My Job the Other Day, I Was So Embarrassed As I to Stay With My Slightly Younger Sister Who Goes to College – One Day, She Caught a Cold and Had to Stay Home, And Then One Kindhearted Friend After Another (They Were All Cute!) Came to Take Care of Her! In Contrast, I’ve No Friends, A Loser Virgin Who’s Not Even Kissed a Girl and So I’m Really Envious of Her! I Also Wanted to Get Some Attention From My Sister’s Cute Friends So Pretending Also to Be Sick, They Tended to Me With All Their Heart and Moreover, I’d Get a Boner, Because I Kept Getting Sizable Flashes of Their Boobs and Panties – I Was So Afraid They’d Think I Was So Nasty! But Instead, They Devotedly Took Good Care of My Cock, Too!
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The Night Before My Beloved Older Sister’s Wedding, I Slipped Into Bed With Her and Committed Cream Pie Incest! She Who Only Ever Showed Tenderness to Me is Going to Be Someone Else’s Woman Starting Tomorrow… On This Last Night, I Just Couldn’t Contain Myself, Her Flesh That I’d Always Wanted to Touch Was Making Contact With Mine, My Sister Wasn’t At All Turned Off As Sensations Ran Through Her Sleeping Body 2
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Aboard a Packed Train, A Really Cute Miss Was Right in Front of Me and I Ended Up Getting a Hard-On! Everyone’s Trying to Rush to Work and So It’s Congested – So Much Crowding Led To… A Tremendously Striking Student Before My Very Eyes! Just the Very Smell of Her Hair Was Testing My Self-Control! I Popped a Boner!! With the Shaking of the Train, My Cock Kept Rubbing Up Against Her Ass and Knowing How Bad This Was, I Apologized Sincerely, But Instead of Being Upset, She Was Horny and Let Me Cum!
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